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6 Useful Tips to Prepare for the AEIS

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is for international students seeking admissions to be in Singapore’s education system from Primary 2 to 5 and Secondary 1 to 3.

This centralised test will assess the student’s proficiency in their English language, numeracy, and reasoning abilities.

It is a gauge to see if your child can cope with the rigours of the local schools’ curriculum. Your child will receive admission to a suitable school, depending on the test results and the available admission slots in the local schools.

Preparing for the AEIS examinations can be stressful and frustrating. Don’t fret because we’ve compiled a list of 6 tips for your child to ace the AEIS examinations in Singapore.

Before the AEIS Exam

#1 Be familiar with the test format and topics.
Your child must be familiar with all the topics taught in Singapore’s mainstream schools for the level preceding the one that he/she applies for. This means that if your child wishes to be admitted into Primary 2, he/she needs to be able to complete Primary 1 content.

The syllabus can be found on the Singapore Ministry of Education’s website:

Your child will have to sit for 2 tests: the English test and the Mathematics test.

The English test consists of 2 parts. A composition writing test (from Primary 4 onwards) and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on comprehension and language use, with the following format:

  • Comprehension based on 2 passages
  • Comprehension cloze based on 2 passages
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Spelling

The Mathematics test comprises 2 parts, with the following format:

  • Part 1: Multiple-choice questions
  • Part 2: Short-answer questions

#2 Attend AEIS preparatory courses.
There are many students worldwide taking the AEIS examinations each year in Singapore. Competition is extremely stiff as they compete for limited vacancies in local schools.

The AEIS examinations are also based on Singapore’s rigorous curriculum. Your child may have difficulty familiarising himself/herself with the types of questions asked.

To ensure your child performs well and has a competitive advantage, you can consider sending him/her to preparatory courses for the AEIS examinations. Preparatory courses allow your child to have a better understanding of Singapore’s local syllabus and style of teaching. The AEIS course curriculum typically lasts for an average of 6 months to help students prepare for the test.

In this current COVID-19 situation, AEIS online courses are popular choices amongst expatriate families. Your child can grasp and familiarise himself/herself with the AEIS examination questions–all within the safety and comfort of one’s home. This is also very suitable for expatriate families who are not in Singapore at the moment.

#3 Brush up on the English language.
As the AEIS examinations are in English, students must be proficient in the language to understand the questions being asked. Poor command of the English language will only cause him/her to provide inaccurate answers.

Help your child brush up on English by speaking more of the language at home every day. If you want fast results, you can enroll your child in a tuition centre that specialises in teaching the English language according to the MOE syllabus and curriculum.

#4 Complete practice papers.
Past questions from the AEIS examinations have never been disclosed, but your child doesn’t have to enter the examination hall blindly.

In AEIS preparatory courses and AEIS online courses, the teachers are trained to be familiar with the AEIS test format and grading system. They can provide sample practice papers for your child to be familiar with the test paper format before sitting for the examinations. These practice papers can help international students to bridge their learning gap.

Fun Learners’ School’s online training courses make use of the SpotzOn Online Learning System, a self-directed learning system that aids students to learn better.

This unique system is able to customise different study approaches based on each student’s existing foundations.

Capitalising on the power of artificial intelligence, the system is able to detect students’ weaker knowledge points and supplement their learning with explanation videos and targeted coaching.

#5 Get everything ready.
Documents: Sitting for the AEIS examination is taxing enough on both you and your child. You want to avoid any last-minute panicking by getting all the relevant documents ready at least a week before the examinations. Your child needs to bring his/her original passport and a copy of his/her entry proof issued by SEAB.

Stationery: Ensure your child brings the right stationery. Your child will have to shade his/her answers for the MCQs on the Optical Answer Sheet (OAS) so do bring along an eraser and a pencil. The use of calculators is not allowed during the Mathematics test.

Time: Your child needs to arrive by the reporting time stated on his/her entry proof and sit at his/her assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the tests begin.

During the AEIS Exam

#6 Plan the time wisely.

The duration of the AEIS examinations vary, depending on the subject and test level. Good time management is necessary for your child to have sufficient time to plan, complete, and check his/her work.

During the English test, here are some things to look out for:

  • Spelling of the words
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Punctuation is used correctly
  • Answer is shaded correctly on the OAS

During the Mathematics test, here are some things to look out for:

  • Working for short-answer questions are written
  • Final answers match the working solution
  • Answer is shaded correctly on the OAS

Preparing for the AEIS examinations is hard, don’t do it alone

At Fun Learners, we help to take the stress off preparing for the AEIS examinations. We provide AEIS online courses so your child can easily ace the AEIS examinations and secure a place in Singapore’s local school. The AEIS online courses utilise Western student-centred pedagogies combined with the Asian treatment of drill-and-practice and training efficiency to truly reflect the Singaporean learning style. 

Join us today to bridge the world and Singapore’s eminent education system.

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