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Online Tuition Singapore

Aim of the E-Learning Tuition

We provide interactive online tuition for students who are enrolled in Singapore’s education system. As a My Pals Are Here textbook writer, our curriculum is based on the latest MOE syllabus.

We aim to help your child to master all the topics and learn highly effective answering techniques to ace major milestone tests.

Types of E-Learning Courses Available

  • Mainstream primary school English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science
  • Mainstream secondary school English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science
  • Online coding
  • Oral practice courses
  • AEIS Singapore Online Preparatory Course

Teaching Methods

Our tutors use a variety of approaches in their teaching to incorporate both ideas and content into the online lessons. With a feature-rich online learning platform, we provide an interactive e-learning tuition environment for our students in Singapore.

Our SpotzOn Online Learning System capitalises on the power of artificial intelligence. The system is able to detect students’ weaker knowledge points and supplement their learning with explanation videos and targeted coaching. It also compiles students’ errors into a question bank and recommends targeted tests so students will have a more personalised learning experience.

Registration Method

Direct application via our customer service officer 65673208.