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PSLE English Tuition

The primary school English syllabus – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – forms the foundation for the pursuit of higher studies at secondary levels and more. It is the culmination of everything your child has learned in the six years he/she has spent in primary school.

This is why your child must have a solid foundation in English during his/her primary school years for smoother progress throughout his/her school life. PSLE English preparation classes can help to strengthen this foundation.

Aim of PSLE English Tuition

Develop confidence in English: The early years shape your child’s journey in learning English. It is important to cultivate an interest in English at the primary school level for the learning passion to stay with your child for years to come in the education system. With PSLE English preparation classes, your child will be aware of how to apply whatever he/she has learnt over the past 6 years. Once your child grows confident in tackling English questions and answering them correctly, he/she will be enthusiastic to learn more and excel in the subject.

Free up more study time: Many students waste a lot of time understanding the grammar and vocabulary rules as well as practicing writing without the help of a P6 English tuition teacher.

With personal PSLE English coaching, your child is taught proper techniques to study English efficiently. He/She will learn writing techniques to engage the reader; thematic vocabulary and advanced grammar rules to build accurate language skills, as well as the honing of listening and oral skills.

Your child will not waste a disproportionate amount of time studying for the English subject, which frees up more time for other subjects that require more practice such as Mathematics and Science.

Help your child ace the PSLE English paper: Common problems faced by P6 students are carelessness in grammar multiple-choice questions, not knowing how to answer contextual vocabulary questions as well as struggling to write an engaging composition story.

Our PSLE English tutors are up-to-date with the current MOE English syllabus and aware of the latest trends in the PSLE English questions. They have extensive experience preparing Primary 6 classes for PSLE and can effectively guide your child through the important concepts and answering techniques. With such guidance, your child is equipped with all the skills needed for outstanding performance in the English PSLE paper.

Teaching Methods

Intensive PSLE English revision: In the PSLE year, students have to learn new content and revise the accumulated content from Primary 1 onwards. We have dedicated PSLE English crash courses for all four components of the PSLE English papers— Writing, Language Use and Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Oral Communication.

They include the honing of writing techniques as well as revising grammar, vocabulary, synthesis, and transformation rules. Additionally, students will learn examination-savvy answering strategies.

Targeted help your child needs: Students have a diverse level of interest and comprehension. Your child may become lost or discouraged in school due to boredom or lack of understanding of English. As many teachers will be rushing to complete the syllabus in time for PSLE, they may not be able to give your child consistent, personal attention.

With coaching targeted at PSLE English , our PSLE English tutors can improve your child’s thought processes and answering techniques to tackle the English questions.

Latest technology for online learning: Our SpotzOn Online Learning System capitalizes on the power of artificial intelligence. This self-adaptive system can detect students’ weaker knowledge points and supplement their learning with explanation videos and targeted coaching.

Every English practice question has its corresponding answer explanation video. SpotzOn Online Learning System also compiles students’ errors into a question bank and recommends targeted tests so students will have a more personalized learning experience.

With a feature-rich online learning platform, we provide an interactive PSLE tuition environment. This includes the self-adaptive learning system and flipped classroom model for our students.

Registration Method

Direct application via our customer service officer at 6567 3208