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PSLE Science Tuition in Singapore

PSLE Science Tuition

Primary 6 is a critical year for every student in Singapore. The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) serves as a checkpoint for the student’s learning journey. In P6 Science, themes like diversity, cycles, systems, interactions, and energy will be explored further. Students need to know how to understand, use, and apply Science concepts accurately to ace the P6 Science PSLE paper. If your child is underperforming in Science, PSLE Science preparation classes can help.

Aim of PSLE Science Tuition

Shortens the learning curve for the PSLE Science paper: With PSLE Science tuition, your child will receive constant guidance and valuable resources, saving them time and trouble of figuring out mistakes himself/herself. Our PSLE Science tutors can guide your child on what to look out for in each question. Your child will quickly learn to identify various question types or trends and answer them appropriately. This will help your child to achieve the desired results in the remaining few months.

Targeted help your child needs: Primary 6 is an important year for your child. Our Science master teachers will guide students through the thought processes and answering techniques to tackle the questions. As your child’s assignments and tests are marked regularly, the teacher will be able to pinpoint the specific areas of improvement.

Scoring higher in the Achievement Level (AL) for the PSLE Science paper: Under the new Achievement Level (AL) system, the 8 ALs are designed to represent the results more broadly. This also means that the number of students in each band decreases as the AL band increases (i.e there are fewer students grouped into the AL2 band than the AL3 band). Reaching the higher bands is difficult and lesser students will be able to achieve a better AL. Going for P6 Science tuition with a P6 Science tuition teacher will help your child confidently score well in their PSLE Science paper. With a better AL for the PSLE Science examination paper, your child will have a lower cut-off point and have higher chances of getting into his/her desired secondary school.

Teaching Methods

Up-to-date teaching methods: To ace the PSLE Science paper, your child has to understand the concepts in every topic, master proper answering techniques, and use appropriate scientific vocabulary or terminology. Our PSLE Science tutors are up-to-date with the current MOE Science syllabus and aware of the latest trends in the PSLE Science questions. They are also the principal authors of science textbooks, on top of a number of assessment books. Our P6 Science tutors have extensive experience preparing graduating classes for PSLE and can effectively guide your child through the important concepts and answering techniques. With such guidance, your child is in the best position to give thoughtful, scientifically correct answers for outstanding performance in the Science PSLE paper.

Latest technology for online learning: Our SpotzOn Online Learning System capitalises on the power of artificial intelligence. This self-adaptive system can detect students’ weaker knowledge points and supplement their learning with explanation videos and targeted coaching. Every Science practice question has its corresponding elaboration of solution method and explanation video. SpotzOn Online Learning System also compiles students’ errors into a question bank and recommends targeted tests so students will have a more personalised learning experience. With a feature-rich online learning platform, we provide an interactive PSLE tuition environment. This includes the self-adaptive learning system and flipped classroom model for our students.

Able to tackle higher-order questions: While most students can answer basic Science questions, not many can solve higher-order thinking (HOT) questions like application-based or experimental-based questions. Our PSLE Science teachers are adept in guiding your child to answer these HOT questions. If your child can answer these questions well, he/she will be able to achieve a higher Achievement Level.

Registration Method

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