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Secondary School Math Tuition

Embarking on the secondary school journey is both exciting yet nerve-racking. Your child is not only exposed to a wide range of seven to eight subjects, but the academic intensity of secondary school is also a big jump from primary school. In Singapore, the standard Math subject is taken in lower secondary. At the upper secondary levels, the standard Math subject is commonly known as ‘Elementary Math’ (E-Math). Also at the upper secondary level, students who display an aptitude for higher level math will be allowed to take Additional Math (A-Math).

Aim of Secondary School Math Tuition

Better cope with the overload of information: The sheer number of seven to eight subjects taken in secondary school may come as a rude shock to students who are used to only four subjects in primary school. Some students may not fully adjust to the new school environment yet and cannot cope with the more independent learning system. Secondary school Math tuition provides additional support for these students, especially those who are weak in math. This ensures that the students get adequate attention and don’t fall behind their peers in the subject.

Bridge the gap between primary school and secondary school Math: Many secondary school students find the breadth of Math topics and depth covered in each topic overwhelming. This is significantly different from the simpler concepts learnt in primary schools like models and fractions. E-Math and A-Math require a deeper understanding of the various mathematical concepts like algebraic rules and trigonometry. Secondary school Math tuition in Singapore can reinforce the correct mathematical techniques, summarise the key concepts of each topic, and expose many different types of questions to your child. These build the foundation for your child to ace the subject in their ‘O’ or/and ‘N’ Levels.

More confidence in getting A1: The goal of secondary school math tuition is to ultimately help your child obtain at least an A2 in the ‘O’ or/and ‘N’ Levels Math examination. Our secondary school Math tutors are skilled in explaining mathematical topics from the perspective of a distinction student with competitive exam shortcuts. This is a very effective strategy by our tutors in consistently producing outstanding results, with 75% of our students getting an A1/A2 for their ‘O’ or/and ‘N’’ Levels Math examinations.

Teaching Methods

Targeted coaching: Different students are weak at different aspects of secondary school Math. Most students find A-Math more challenging than E-Math due to more intensive usage of algebraic rules in A-Math. Nevertheless, the difficulty of E-Math cannot be underestimated as well. Our experienced secondary school Math tutors have identified the difficult areas in each topic for targeted coaching and practice. Having secondary school Math tuition enables lessons to be tailored according to your child’s weaknesses, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach in schools.

Break down complex concepts into simpler ones: Even students who are strong in primary school Math tend to find secondary school Math a different ball game altogether. The shift from heuristic model-sketching to algebra operations can be quite drastic. On top of new requirements in working statement presentations, the learning curve becomes even steeper by the time they reach more abstract topics like indices and trigonometry. Students who fail to put in enough effort to master the earlier topics do not realise these are actually prerequisites for higher levels, especially in A-Math calculus. Our secondary school Math tutors are skilled in simplifying complex concepts for students to quickly grasp and apply early on. Such students will find it less of a struggle to achieve A1 consistently throughout their secondary school years.

Registration Method

Direct application via our customer service officer at 6567 3208.