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Math Tuition in Singapore

Aim of Online Math Tuition

Plug gaps in new and challenging topics: Students usually face difficulties with challenging topics like fractions and percentages in primary school, as well as algebra and trigonometry in secondary school. If students are weak in one component, this will compound over to subsequent chapters and confuse them even more in future. Going for Math tuition with a knowledgeable Math teacher in Singapore can help students solve this problem. A good Math teacher will be able to pinpoint and spend more time working on the problematic areas in each topic. This will be necessary for students to excel in the subject.

Lesser repeated careless mistakes: Making constant careless mistakes and losing unnecessary marks is a common problem many students face. Often, teachers are already struggling to cover the entire Math syllabus in time for the year-end examinations. They don’t have extra time to teach your child how to look out for common pitfalls and avoid careless mistakes. An experienced online Math teacher will teach your child on the common pitfalls in the various question types. Going for online Math tuition also bridges this gap between theory and application and enables your child to reach his/her fullest potential.

Able to decode the Math questions effectively: Many students struggle in grasping the different requirements of the Math questions, especially for problem sums in primary school and real-world application questions in secondary schools and junior colleges. This isn’t their fault as Singapore is known to have one of the highest standards in Mathematics in the world. Many schools deliberately set some questions in the Math examination papers to a higher difficulty to push the students further. However, achieving full marks for the Math paper is not impossible with Math online tuition in Singapore. Though the questions may be tricky, the core concepts of the questions do not change. Our online Math tutors are able to show your child how to approach these questions with unfamiliar contexts and apply basic concepts for effective solutions.

Teaching Methods

Latest technology for online learning: Our SpotzOn Online Learning System capitalises on the power of artificial intelligence. This self-adaptive system can detect students’ weaker knowledge points and supplement their learning with explanation videos and targeted coaching. Every Math practice question has its corresponding elaboration of solution method and explanation video. SpotzOn Online Learning System also compiles students’ errors into a question bank and recommends targeted tests so students will have a more personalised learning experience. With a feature-rich online learning platform, we also provide an interactive tuition environment. This includes the self-adaptive learning system and flipped classroom model for our students.

Repeated revision and practice: With repeated revision and practice during Math tuition, students can tackle high-order thinking questions easily. These questions are also more application-based, which require greater critical thinking, instead of simply regurgitating the mathematical formulae. Going for Math tuition will definitely give students more confidence and ability in scoring well during the Math examination paper.

Better prepare students for the next school year: In Mathematics, there is always a big jump between the current grade your child is in and the subsequent grade he/she will be in. This is especially so from P4 to P5 in primary school, and from S2 to S3 in secondary school. It is actually common to see a 20% drop in test scores among average students across these levels, which can be very discouraging. Attending online Math tuition will bridge the gap and make the learning curve less steep. Most importantly, having expert guidance builds up the confidence of your child in the subject.

Registration Method

Direct application via our customer service officer at 65673208.